Aracena celebrates it’s festival from 22nd – 26th August with a musical programme headed by Merche

Merche actúa en Aracena.
Merche actúa en Aracena.
Merche actúa en Aracena.
Merche actúa en Aracena.

Jack Green. Aracena has started the countdown for their yearly festival that will be celebrated between 22nd – 26th August. It will be one of the best free concerts that will celebrate The Fairground of the Queen of Angels (el Recinto Ferial de la Avendida Reina de los Angeles) and some of the most well known singers from Spain will be making an appearance, representing different styles of music, putting on a show for all the family.

Local artists will also participate in a flamenco night on Friday 23rd with Jose Manuel ‘El Mani’, one of the major models of the Sevillana world.

The headline act on Saturday night traditionally when the festival is most crowded, will be Merche. One of the most recognised female voices in Spain. She will entertain the audience with songs from her last album and those that have given her success.

Sunday 25th will be the turn of Mojinos Escocios, one of the funniest bands that returns to Aracena after more than a decade. The group achieved the most votes in an open meeting where members of a local youth club chose the band to perform. This has been a theme in recent years where opinion and collaboration in Aracena has helped shape the programme for the festival.

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The Fairground of the Queen of Angels – El Recinto Ferial de la Avenida Reina de los Ángeles

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